Hiroshima Okonomimura 5-3 Shintenchi Naka-ku Hiroshima-city

Okonomi Sauce

(1) Mild
(2) Extra-hot
"Okonomimura," the Premiere Location for Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki
Okonomimura is one of Hiroshima's most popular tourist attractions. Located at the center of Hiroshima in Shintenchi, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors of an 8-floor food building are the home of 25 long popular okonomiyaki restaurants.
Our okonomi sauce is the official sauce of Okonomimura. Its rich flavor, with just the right amount of sweet and spiciness, has earned it rave reviews as "the best sauce for Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki."

Okonomi Sauce as a Health Product
Our sauce is made with many fruits and vegetables, giving it plenty of vitamins and minerals.
It also contains 10 different types of spices that have long been used in herbal medicine to improve appetite and digestion. You can safely enjoy this low-salt, oil-free, healthy seasoning every day.

"Okonomimura" Original Gift Set

3-pack Mitsuwa Sauce w/case

Okonomimura Ingredient Set (6 servings)

"Okonomimura" Refrigerated
Okonomiyaki Regular Size

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki Technical Guidance
Our company offers an "Okonomiyaki Class" to provide instructions on frying okonomiyaki, store planning, and management for people who want to start their own Hiroshima Okonomiyaki restaurant.
Hands-On Okonomiyaki Class
Our okonomiyaki classes are not just for future restaurant owners. We offer a hands-on class for anyone who wants to learn about making okonomiyaki, from tourists to student groups.

Since our founding in 1916, Sun Foods has worked for the creation of a food culture in Hiroshima city. Now, okonomi-yaki has become known throughout Japan as a Hiroshima specialty. Our products "Mitsuwa Okonomi Sauce" and "Higashimaru Sauce" are used in all 25 shops in the Okonomi-mura, palace of okonomi-yaki, as well as at famous restaurants throughout Hiroshima and all of Japan. We are extremely proud that our products have been highly ranked as okonomi-yaki sauce for professionals.
In addition, in order to further increase the popularity of Hiroshima okonomi-yaki, we have created facilities that are widely used for technical training of persons planning to open okonomi-yaki shops, and for experience learning during school excursions. In the future, we will continue to focus on exhaustive quality control, and produce products that are safe and full of characteristic flavor that will delight our customers.

Okonomi Mura- The Village Chief's Secret Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki widh Soba
Ingredients:flour, soba(Chinese noodles), cabbage, bean sprouts, green onions, pork, egg(s), lard, dried bonito powder, bits of tempura, seaweed flakes, Mitsuwa okonomi sauce
  When the bottom side is reasonably cooked, flip the okonomi over to the other side with the spatulas, and then increase the flame. Put the spatula(s) on top of the okonomi and press firmly. Then, wait for the heat to reach the meat and vegetables.
Dissolve the flour in water at the quantity rate of 1(flour) to 1.5(water), then add a little mirin(seasoning). Before the grill becomes hot, spread the batter on the grill so it is thin and shaped like a circle. Put the flame on low.   Pick the okonomi up with the spatula(s), lay it on the boiled Chinese noodles, and then press firmly once again.
Lay a handful of cabbage and bean sprouts on the batter, then sprinkle the green onions, bits of tempura, and dried bonito powder over it.   Pick the okonomi up again, lay it on the egg, and press firmly.
Cook until the egg hardens.(Be careful not to overcook.)
Put thinly sliced pork over this, and then pour a little more of the batter in splotches over the cooked ingredients(okonomi) to bind it together.   Pick the okonomi up, making the egg side face up. Pour on plenty of Mitsuwa okonomi sauce, sprinkle on the seaweed flakes, and to add to the aroma of the meat, sprinkle pepper all over the okonomi.
After boiling the uncooked Chinese noodles(when using pre-boiled or pre-steamed noodles, use as is) separate the noodles on the grill while heating it with the lard and the Mitsuwa okonomi sauce.   Using a small spatula, cut the okonomi into smaller, eatable sizes, and enjoy.